Orange Blossom Hills Menu

11/2016 BEERS ON TAP Bud Light Coors Light Guinness Michelob Ultra Miller Lite Yuengling BOTTLED BEERS Blue Moon Bud Bud Light Coors Light Corona Extra Goose Island IPA Heineken Michelob Ultra Miller Lite Sam Adams Lager O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay Pinot Grigio Moscato Riesling White Zinfandel Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Served by the glass HOUSE WINE ROUND HILL Chardonnay California, 6.50 / btl 23 CLIFFORD BAY Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand, 6.75 / btl 25 VILLA SANDI Pinot Grigio Italy, 6.50 / btl 23 HOGUE ‘LATE HARVEST’ Riesling Washington St., 6.75 / btl 25 MIRASSOU Moscato California, 6.75 / btl 25 WHITE WINE ROUND HILL Cabernet Sauvignon California, 6.50 / btl 23 CYCLES Pinot Noir California, 6.50 / btl 24 TINTO NEGRO Malbec Argentina, 6.50 / btl 23 CHATEAU SOUVERAIN Cabernet Sauvignon California, 6.50 / btl 23 RED WINE J. ROGET 3.75 SPARKLING WINE KEY LIME PIE (V) real Florida lime juice, pureed and blended into creme chantilly 7.50 APPLE COBBLER ALA MODE (V) homemade apple cobbler served warm with vanilla ice cream 7.95 RASPBERRY SEDUCTION MOUSSE (V) layers of sweet chocolate mousse and french raspberry preserves, topped with ganache 7.50 CHEESECAKE (V) classic marscapone served with berries 7.95 SCOOP OF VANILLA (V) (GF) topped with chocolate syrup 2.99 Desserts available ala mode (+1.00) D e s s e r t s w i n e B e e r 6/2020